Houses on wheels for Ukrainian migrants! – As you know there is the war in Ukraine and we need your help!


As you know there is the war in Ukraine and we need your help!
On this website, you can donate or transfer trailers, campers, wheeled houses, which will be placed in specially created towns for Ukrainian refugees.

On February 24, Russia inflicted rocket strikes on Ukraine and began hostilities on its territory.

Many civilians were in the real nightmare, which still continues. During these terrible and sad events, many residents of Ukraine lost their homes, and they are now in a very difficult situation.
So, to help them, we create special towns where these people will find their temporary house in the most affordable comfortable conditions, we will conduct communications there. To do this, we need your help with the houses on the wheels. If you have the opportunity, please donate or lease trailers, campers, houses on wheels.

You can donate money to buy trailers, for this just click on the button Donate Money.

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    Founders of the project:

    Victor Andrusiv

    Advisor to the Head of President’s Office

    Rostislav Smirnov

    Advisor of Ministry of Internal Affairs

    Команда проєкту

    Dmitry Tkachuk

    Project Manager

    Alexander Usenko

    Head of IT.

    Tatiana Karpenko

    Head of Marketing